United 4 Justice has as purpose to be “The voice of the vulnerable and raise the voice for those who do not have it.” This is the reason because this strategic alliance with the Colombian Federation of Rare Diseases – FECOER has made an important contribution to this purpose. FECOER says, “Since 2014 we have worked with U4J … They have been the ones who have supported us in raising our demands before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the Organization of American States.” U4J has been a very important strategic ally for favoring the million patients and families we represent in Colombia


This time it is the boys and girls of the Colombian Caribbean who benefit from the actions of United 4 Justice! Through the joint work with Fundevida, more than 350 children suffering from Cancer were favored thanks to legal representation at national and international levels. On June 16 of this year, the IACHR granted precautionary measures to these children, clearing the way for the reestablishment of their health rights. “This is a great door that opens not only for the children of the Caribbean Coast but for all the boys and girls of Colombia”


United For Justice consolidates strategic alliances to help the neediest!
The “Ser Feliz-Ubuntu” Foundation headed by its director Diana Sarmiento based in the department of Meta (Colombia) says “… The arrival of United For Justice to our activities a little more than 6 months ago has marked a point of evolution, strengthening and empowering our processes … Due to this alliance, more than 600 people have benefited, including 120 children in a state of extreme vulnerability … ”
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United for Justice has been working with the DEBRA Foundation since 2014 in vey specific cases, to prove before national and international judges the extreme vulnerability of children with butterfly skin. These children not only have to deal with chronic daily pain, but they have to fight a constant battle against an indolent health system. To know the painful reality of these kids and their families has made us defiant as lawyers. We not only want justice in these specific cases, but we also seek legal resolutions that will modify the structural situation that affects them. This is an opportunity to honor the work of every doctor, nurse, psychologist and volunteer of DEBRA-Colombia.